Enterprise Architect

Sparx Systems New Zealand

Sparx Systems New Zealand aims to satisfy the growing needs of New Zealand's software and business community by providing regional support and a distribution base for Sparx Systems' suite of affordable, productive and user-friendly business/systems design software.

The company’s flagship product, Enterprise Architect, has received numerous accolades since its commercial release in August, 2000. Now at version 11, Enterprise Architect is the design tool of choice for over 350,000 registered users world-wide. Find out more...

Enterprise Architect Community

Sparx Systems NZ established the world's first EA User Groups right here in New Zealand. Events are held bi-monthly in both Auckland and Wellington and are open to all of New Zealand’s Enterprise Architect community. Organised with the user in mind, the User Group provides a forum for Enterprise Architect users to come together and find out how Enterprise Architect is being used New Zealand-wide.

UML for Business, Software and Systems

Whether you need to model and manage complex information, design and visualise software, or build and deploy diverse systems, Enterprise Architect is the perfect solution.

A solid UML 2.4.1 core coupled with an intuitive user interface and efficient, highly scalable repository is the basis for one of the most successful UML tools ever created. 350,000 users worldwide, a vigorous user community, endorsements from major standards bodies, an affordable price point, numerous accolades and a proven record of delivering exceptional results. 12 years of continuous development have seen Enterprise Architect become the pre-eminent cost-effective model driven tool suite for a huge range of industry verticals, government bodies, standards organizations and domains. Find out more...